Shruti Viswan

Actor / Model Mumbai, India

Versatile Artist

Shruti Viswan is an artist to watch. Not just because she has endorsed both global and national brands like Skullcandy, Bata, Cyberesque, Spotify to name a few and worked with the world-wide celebrated Indian director Q in his latest feature Garbage but because she's intelligent, fiery, and knows how to get ahead. She is based in Mumbai, India.

Born in Bangalore, Shruti Viswan grew up being fond of theater and art. Both her dreams and academics played a vital role in shaping her. While she completed her Masters in Journalism and started working as a journalist she balanced life between her desk job as well as theater shows/plays and used her brains as well as beauty to get ahead in her career.

Shruti got her first break when she was featured in an editorial/ cover story for the leading magazine Maxim. Taking control of her own career and realizing that she enjoys being an actor/model more than anything, she moved to Mumbai. Her experience of performing in front of live audience, attending castings taught her that simply being 'different' wasn't enough to make it, she had to groom herself to the level of the other girls.

Having worked on stage and working with different visual mediums like, TV, film, photography not long into our conversation, it becomes clear that she is versatile enough to shape herself into any character with the understanding of the vision of the customers and deliver it.